Railway tickets

Delivery of railway tickets

Some passengers are determined to abstain from traveling on airplane for various reasons. There are no air routes to some cities, in all likelihood, for economic reasons. At the office of our company you can buy tickets for trains of local and international railway communication belonging to Russian Railway. In the close future we envision to sell tickets of European railways for internal routes of Europe.

To book railway ticket:

I. Information. Train schedule and price for railway tickets

to get precise train schedule and prices for railway tickets.

II. Booking
Chose the most practical way to book railway tickets

1. Fill out a special REQEST FORM on our site (to complete this form you need to download Adobe Reader):

2. Send your request by:

3. phone through operator +374 (93) 49 99 65, +374 (10) 44 77 65

III. Delivery of railway tickets
Advise us of any preferred way of payment and how you would like to get the ticket:

  • Delivery of railway tickets to corporate clients within the City of Yerevan is free of charge
  • You can personally take the railway ticket at our office
  • Payment – cash and non-cash settlement

Please, send this request by fax or e-mail address presented below:

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  • Русский


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